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Open up to culture! Open up to the festivities of the International Carnival at Roverway 2009 held at Alţingi's Plaza, and enjoy yourself while introducing the wonders of your home country to your fellow scouts, not to mention experience the wonders of other countries.
Join your fellow countrymen in preparation of your country’s booth and introduce your traditions, music, dancing, food, sweets etc. Open exhibitions, teach traditional games or not so traditional games, have loads and loads of fun, and make new friends.

When the evening closes in there will be Icelandic dinner served for each village at their designated village restaurant set up only for this occasion. The festivities will carry on into the night at the diverse scout cafes and in the villages.

There will be a printed program for the Carnival and each country participating in the event will be required to send their part to roverway@scout.is before 1st of June 2009, as well as ordering a booth and other material necessary.

In the beginning the Carnival Central Bank opens, where you can get your Carnival currency, the trick is to sell your activities to gain money so you are able to participate in the other activities.

How does the Carnival work!

1)  This is a collaboration within the contingent from your own country, or the other patrols/contingents from your own country.

2)  This is meant to be a introduction of the culture of your country. By this we mean: food, dancing, sweets, traditions, games etc or what ever you feel is unique to your country/scouting-/guiding-association. Remember this is an alcohol free camp!!! All alcohol beverages will be removed from site.

3)  The Carnival is on Sunday 26th of July. Preparation begins at 12:00, this is the time you have to prepare your food items, and the Carnival officially starts at 14:00 and will go on into the night. 

  • The Carnival programme is divided into two parts: before and after dinner. You must plan fora afternoon activities, and evening activities. We let it be up you to decide how you plan your activities.

  • Main activities will take place from 14:00-18:30 and are situated in Middle earth were we will set up a Market place, between 18:30-19:00 is clean up.

  • Dinner is served at 19:00 in restaurant tents, this will be traditional icelandic dinner. Each village will go and eat at their village restaurant.

  • Evening activities start at 20:30 in your village/middle earth/cafe´s and will end officially at 23:00, remember you must clean up before you hit the sack. 

4)  The carnival group must register their participation to get a tent/booth from the moot, you might have to share a tent/booth with other groups from your or another country. Each tent is 3x3m, and it is completely empty, you must tell us exactly what you need in your tent, if you need anything!!!

 This must happen before 1st June 2009. Also at the same time you must order materials, as well as you must send us your activities so we can make a Carnival program. If you need more space for specific activities like group dance etc you must send a request and we will place you accordingly.

5)  In the beginning the Carnival bank opens and each group gets Roverway-Euro, and to participate in other countries activities you must use you euros, also at the same time you can get a "visa" stamp (each group must bring a fancy stamp or not so fancy stamp) with each group.

6)  If you need any ingredients for food preparation you must order this before 1st June 2009 and pay a small fee. All food is meant to be a tasting experience not a full meal.

In short
  • find your buddies from your country
  • start planning
  • remember finding a Stamp
  • register before 1st of June 2009 with the roverway office, order materials, send programme
  • Remember this is a alcohol free camp!!!
The RoverWay song - dance version

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